Ryan Bird - Owner and Artist



Ryan started his professional art career back in 1996 at a company called Viewpoint Datalabs (later becoming Viewpoint Digital). There, he developed his skills as a modeler and animator, creating art content for movies, television shows, TV commercials, video games, the web, toy manufacturing, and many other forms of media. From there, he went to work exclusively on video games for Microsoft Game Studios and Take Two Interactive. During his work in video games, he started Blue Bird Digital, which later became Darbble, Inc.


Ryan lives and works in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He lives with his wife and three kids, and loves the time he gets to spend with them. His passion for creating art is not only his job, but his hobby as well.


Because of his great love for collecting toys, Ryan is also known as a nerdy, big kid who hasn't quite grown up, yet.




Joey - Imaginary Companion and True Friend



Joey is a nice guy, but is very gullible. He often finds himself at the business end of many practical jokes. Unfortunately, he is a bit self conscious and has a little bit of a temper. Fortunately, he's not very tough, or quick witted, so his retaliation is rarely more than a slur of nonsensical jabbering.